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The Software Selection Process

Put your business needs at the centre of technology evaluations. Gone are the days when you had to have systems built for specific problems. Now, there is an off-the-shelf enterprise…
The Software Selection Process

Navigating Digital Transformation with Confidence, Speed and Agility

Navigating the software selection process to find solutions that drive change.Digital transformation is undergoing a huge rebirth as companies scramble to keep up with rapidly changing technical demands. Many organizations…
Digital Transformation, Trending Insights

Digital Transformation Lifecycle Management

Embracing Digital Transformation to Stay Competitive In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations face the challenge of embracing digital transformation to stay competitive. However, it’s not enough to simply implement…
AI, Digital Transformation, The Software Selection Process, Trending Insights

Optimize Business Processes by Sourcing the Right Software Solutions

Digital Transformation and the introduction of enterprise software has yielded compelling benefits across all types of industries. Productivity, profits, agility, and customer satisfaction soars, resource management improves drastically and the…
Digital Transformation, The Software Selection Process

How to Write RFP Requirements for Software Selection

A guide on writing clear correct requirements that ensure you find the right software solutions for your enterprise.
AI, Automation, Requirements Gathering

Digital Transformation Change Management

The people vs digital transformation – How to manage change effectively. Change management and Digital transformation is a shoes and socks approach. One without the other is just wrong and…
Digital Transformation

The Digital Age of the RFP: AI Tools to Take Your Process into the Future

Traditional RFP Tools are obsolete and ripe for disruption. The traditional request for proposal (RFP) process needs to be updated. The rigid, siloed structure of RFPs does not allow for…

Disrupting the RFP Process

Improve and Optimize Enterprise Technology Purchasing: Say Goodbye to the Traditional RFP Process When it comes to enterprise technology investments, the request for proposal, or RFP, is a decades-old tool…

Build vs. Buy: Olive’s Guide to Enterprise Software Decision Making

The IT Conundrum: When to Build and When to Buy Enterprise Software As technology continues to play an essential role in business growth, choosing between building or buying software has…
IT Decision Making, Solutions, Strategic Sourcing, Trending Insights

8 Tips on Enterprise Software Vendor Selection

Selecting enterprise software vendors to work with is a critical decision for any organization. At Olive, we’ve helped lots of organizations find their best-match Enterprise Software Vendors. Here, we’ve compiled…
Solutions, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process

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