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Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Olive guides you in your business transformation journey. We want to help you think long-term and notice any overlap in companywide opportunities or projects that will solve long-term goals for the organization. With the project stages dashboard, you can input all of the transformation initiatives you plan on doing over the next 2-3 years. You don’t need to work on all of them right now, but here you have visibility into what these are and what’s coming. Rather than engaging with Olive one project at a time, building out a longer-term strategy means you can proactively prevent siloed working, see opportunities across departments that one solution may solve, and approach your digital transformation initiatives in a more strategic and agile way. Inputting all of your projects here means you can easily find overlapping opportunities and discover more streamlined ways to solve recurring challenges.

Discovery and Understanding of Organizational Goals

Next we build a deep understanding of the organization’s overarching goals. In the project dashboard, document high-level objectives, current state, desired future state and intended benefits in one place for everyone to reference. This discovery sets the stage for the project, and keeps all your evaluations and decisions aligned with the company goals.  Olive’s surveys facilitate a seamless collaboration process, helping you capture and record feedback from key organizational stakeholders.

Gathering and Ranking Requirements in Collaboration with Stakeholders

A major obstacle to the acceleration of digital transformation is the requirements gathering process, yet understanding exactly what stakeholders need in their ideal solution is what drives successful transformation. Olive’s surveys make it easy to collaborate with stakeholders across the business to ensure all requirements are collected and rated based on company-wide needs.

The in-app chat allows you to eliminate the need for meetings by allowing your stakeholders to collaborate on individual requirements to ensure terminology and details will address the need. Free up admin time to dive deep into each requirement.

An Easy Way for Vendors to Respond to Requirements

As key stakeholders and collaborators rank requirements, you can anonymously invite and engage relevant vendors to respond to the requirements. Olive gathers vendor responses and team and stakeholder insights and assigns ratings to each vendor based on how well they meet the requirements. This builds an understanding of the risks versus benefits of a solution, and tracks next steps.

Shortlisting  Vendors and Solution Selection

Based on data gathered in the app, Olive matches best-fit vendors to your established requirements, helping you determine a shortlist. This knocks weeks off technology evaluations by only looking at vendors that meet the needs of the business. You can then select whomever you’d like and invite those specific vendors to demo. Using the chat functionality,  you and your stakeholder can discuss and score the vendor responses and even flag items for demo before inviting them to a meeting. This will allow you hyper tailor the demo to your organizational need, as the vendor can see ahead of time what you want them to focus on. Olive automates the due diligence, by time-stamping everything the vendor and buyer have agreed on.

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