Enter a New Era of Decision-making

Great innovators make innovation a habit. But the often painful RFP process and implementation make innovation feel like Sisyphus pushing a boulder. Organizations face plenty of challenges.

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Organizations are under immense pressure to make the “right choice.”

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Big companies may be the wrong solution but can afford to buy their influence.

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The team doesn’t know they’ve made the wrong choice until it’s too late.

How is an organization supposed to innovate under these pressures?

Olive is at the forefront of IT decision-making.

Olive is at the forefront of IT decision-making.

Our philosophy is straightforward: prioritize collaboration, iteration, and a business-centric approach, while harnessing the power of technology and AI to optimize the process.

Gather insights
Gather insights
Evaluate vendor responses
Evaluate vendor responses
Compare options
Compare options
Unite in a harmonious digital workspace
Unite in a harmonious digital workspace

Reduce the RFP Process by Weeks With Olive

Efficient requirements gathering

Discover, research, and capture organizational needs.

  • Build out requirements and requirements templates based on your expertise, or use our requirement libraries and standard templates.
  • Insert suggestions from Olive AI and modify to meet your specific needs.
  • Create master company requirements for any software sourcing projects you have with recurring needs.

Collaborative stakeholder engagement

Reduce the time it takes to identify, evaluate, and secure software solutions.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the business with surveys.
  • Skip time-consuming meetings and emails with in-app messaging.
  • Record feedback with flexible criteria types, including Yes/No functionality.

Real-time vendor engagement

Increase efficiency by collaborating with vendors all in one platform.

  • Encourage early vendor engagement, even before all needs or requirements may be specified, refined, or known.
  • Anonymously invite leading vendors to respond to the requirements as they develop.
  • Score vendors against your organization’s needs with the vendor comparison matrix.

Simple vendor shortlisting

See the pros, cons, and differentiators of the solutions in real time.

  • Automatically identify best-fit vendors and disqualify those that don’t meet business needs.
  • Flag specific short-listed vendor features and functionality to encourage hyper-focused demos.
  • Verify requirements and vet them against the vendor’s capabilities.

Feel Confident in Your Vendor Selection

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Proof of due diligence

Olive’s reporting time stamps stakeholder and vendor engagement, providing proof of due diligence.

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Intelligent decision-making

Olive’s AI-powered platform continuously monitors the selected vendor, ensuring that the chosen solution meets the organization’s needs.

Feel Confident in Your Vendor Selection

It’s time to experience the future of software sourcing.

Starting at $5,000.

Olive Redefines RFP for Innovative Companies

Source Best-Fit Software 3x Faster
Faster Requirements Consensus
Business Analyst Efficiency

Streamline Your Software Selection Journey

Download our comprehensive guide to make strategic investments for better results.

“I have seen a good requirements gathering process take anywhere from 2–3 months. With Olive, we completed it in 2 weeks.”

Mark Tucker
Director of HR Technology and HR Analytics, Kong Inc.

“My team couldn’t wait to use Olive to find other solutions.”

Tariq Chaudhry

“Olive just completely demolished all of those roadblocks of trying to get feedback from people.”

Sean Thompson
IT Director, Freddy’s

“I wouldn’t want to go back to doing all that we’re doing right now in Olive, in spreadsheets!”

Morris E. Harris
Principal Consultant, IntrapriseTechKnowlogies

Take the Next Step in Transforming Your RFP Process

Transforming Your RFP Process

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