Olive Innovation Series

The Olive innovation series is a set of events that offers insights and tips on streamlining your evaluations, learning more about the Olive platform and finding solutions that drive transformation.

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We don’t currently have any upcoming webinars. In the meantime, check out our past webinars!

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Past Webinars

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We Are Hiring Career Headhunting Job Occupation Concept

Spend Up to 66% Less Time on HR Vendor Evaluations

Join Brenda Laughlin, widely recognized HR technology, workforce data privacy, and future of work expert, and Casey Baldin, Head of Customer success at Olive Technologies, for a discussion on how to spend up to 66% less time on HR Vendor Selection, without sacrificing due diligence.
Company Operations Manager Holds Meeting Presentation. Diverse Team Uses TV Screen with Growth Analysis; Charts; Statistics and Data. People Work in Business Office.

Achieve Up To 95% User Adoption Through Change Management

Business Transformation expert Tariq Chaudhry of Olive and Change Management Expert Ema Roloff of Naviant discuss the importance of change management and organizational buy-in for your digital transformation strategy. Discover how to unlock the benefits of a solid change management strategy, and how that can lead to up to 95% user adoption on digital solutions after implementation.

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