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Olive’s Software Sourcing Platform empowers organizations to discover cutting-edge software and technologies, meticulously evaluate vendors, craft the ideal tech stack, and optimize vendor contracts for enhanced ROI and better software sourcing outcomes.


Transform your Software Sourcing Process

Create, Manage, and Run RFPs Seamlessly – From Discovery to Selection. Olive is the only Software Sourcing Platform that empowers collaborative IT decision-making by streamlining the RFx process. Explore how we can help you reach your digital goals swiftly and efficiently.

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Source Best-Fit Software 3x Faster

Olive users experience significantly reduced timelines when it comes to sourcing, evaluating, and implementing enterprise technology solutions. Our platform fosters enhanced collaboration among essential stakeholders, including IT, Finance, Procurement, and Legal, mitigating delays caused by miscommunication, outdated processes, conflicting priorities, and alignment issues.

4x Faster Requirements Consensus

With Olive, expedite your software sourcing requirements process. Reduce the time it takes to identify, evaluate, and secure software solutions, to enjoy faster access to the technology your organization needs.

5x Business Analyst Efficiency

Empower your Business Analysts to achieve remarkable efficiency gains with Olive, the solution that revolutionizes the process of requirements gathering.

By using Olive, BAs can gather, prioritize, and solicit feedback on requirements seamlessly, delivering five times more efficient results than traditional methods. This innovative approach eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets, RFI RFQ templates, or drawn-out meetings, allowing BAs to excel in their roles.

Case Studies

Source the Software Your Organization Needs

Get an inside look at how companies use Olive to source best-fit software solutions. Olive’s users leverage internal crowdsourced data to collaborate and find the best-fit enterprise software solutions for their organizations.

PRMI Uses Olive to Source Software

We chatted with Corban Wells, Director of Product Management at Primary Residential Mortgage about finding best-fit solutions in Olive, and why that’s important for mortgage industry digital transformation.
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Kong Sources HR Software with Olive

Learn how Olive has helped the HR team at Kong streamline their HR technology selection process and enhance the company's digital transformation. Kong, an API service management company, uses Olive to improve the HR solution selection process. Olive's technology evaluation platform was used to collect and organize their requirements in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders. Using Olive, Kong reduced the requirements gathering process time from 2-3 months to 2 weeks.
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