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Agile RFP Process Leads to Accelerated Digital Transformation for Dewey’s Pizza

Chris Abrams, Director of Innovation at Dewey's Pizza shares how the company uses Olive to facilitate an agile RFP process and collaborate with department heads needs requirements and solution sourcing.

Instead of issuing a large formal RFP, we found Olive.

Chris Abrams
Director of Innovation ,
Dewey's Pizza

Company Profile

Industry: Restaraunt

Dewey’s Pizza has been serving handmade pizzas, calzones, and salads, along with local craft beers, since 1998. Dewey’s Pizza currently has 25 locations across the United States. Chris Abrams and his team are responsible for all the technology in the restaurants and the corporate office. 

Case Study

Vendor Evaluations in Olive vs. Spreadsheets

Dewey’s Pizza needed to centralize requirements. Before using Olive, technology evaluations were conducted using google spreadsheets, emails, and many meetings. They realized they were not doing a good job gathering the requirements. Chris was looking for an agile RFP process platform that could easily store, monitor, and distribute requirements to vendors and internally rate vendor responses, which Olive can do. 

Instead of issuing a large formal RFP, we found Olive

Olive Takes an Agile Approach to RFP Process and Needs Requirements

It was easy for internal stakeholders, such as Marketing, Operations, HR, IT to understand. The value that brings is allowing all these stakeholders to come together and synch on the needs and truly understand these needs of the organization.

Olive helps define to the vendors exactly what they are looking for in a solution. Olive gives clarification on needs within the Olive platform and allows anyone who contributed to these needs to respond to them all in the Olive platform.

Efficient Technology Vendor Selection with Olive

One project success Dewey’s Pizza had with Olive was evaluating their next Day Pay vendor. Using Olive resulted in the team choosing a vendor within a couple of weeks, as opposed to taking a couple of months previously.

The project was a collaborative effort amongst HR, Operations, and IT. They were looking to collaborate to discover how to integrate various systems across the business. Disparate meetings between vendor salespeople and individual business units were confusing. Based on the Success Chris and his team had with using Olive for a POS RFP, Olive was used to evaluating Daily Pay Vendors.

Multiple departments across the business aligned on requirements within Olive, including fees for various scenarios. Vendors responded to those requirements, giving Dewey detailed time stamps on each requirement. The team rated these requirements and emerged from the project, discovering that their preferred vendor wasn’t the right fit.

Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry

Olive has been extremely successful for Dewey’s Digital Transformation. The Olive platform has helped the team clarify their thought process around transformation. Nowadays, restaurants are constantly changing and leveraging new technologies to deliver better experiences to customers and increase efficiencies within restaurants. Dewey’s always looks at improving the customer experience and the employee’s cultural experience. Just before the pandemic, Deweys was in the process of sourcing a new People solution and POS. Challenges during Covid forced them to adopt curbside and delivery platforms and partners and technologies quickly. Thus, some of the values of these new solutions were missed at the time. 

The online platform allows departments across the business to deliver stories of their needs. When these needs are evaluated, they are understanding that they have the solution today in their current tech stack. They don’t always have to source something new. Olive’s RFP platform helps the team go through the exercise of understanding what they truly need, aligning on these needs at an executive level in order to move the business forward.

Using Olive to Eliminate Bias when Selecting Technology Vendors

Dewey’s will use Olive for quality assurance and to eliminate bias they may have towards one vendor or another. They have taken the top two POS vendors and gone into specific details on requirements for the solution. Those requirements will be collaboratively ranked by various teams within the organization based on what they see while demoing the solutions. When testing and demo is complete, Olive Reporting functionality will give them the due diligence behind the decision, and show how each solution compares to the collaborative needs of the organization. This gives them an objective view of which vendor will best-fit their needs, eliminating bias they may have towards one vendor or another.

Working with Olive’s Customer Success Team

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