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Flynn uses Olive for Software Sourcing and Procurement

We helped the IT team at Flynn Group of Companies increase consistency across all scales of software sourcing and procurement and shorten time to implementation on a number of solutions, including Security Software and an Applicant Tracking System.
Alan Zych

Olive gives me a tool to consistently decrease my cost of goods bought.

Alan Zych
Flynn Group of Companies

Company Profile

‍We spoke with Alan Zych, Vice President, Information Technology at Flynn Group of Companies and learned how Olive has increased collaboration and brought consistency to the software sourcing and procurement process for various departments. Flynn Group of Companies is North America’s largest building envelope subcontractor. Alan’s team is responsible for all IT activities. Flynn also has an enterprise applications team and a custom applications team.

Case Study

Unlocking Cost Savings and Consistency in Software Sourcing

By implementing Olive, Flynn Group of Companies revolutionized their software sourcing and procurement process. They witnessed a significant decrease in the cost of goods bought, thanks to the tool’s ability to consistently drive cost savings. Olive provided them with a standardized process to define requirements, gather stakeholder feedback, and obtain responses from vendors, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual efforts. As a result, Flynn Group of Companies achieved consistency in software sourcing across projects of all scales.

Unlocking Your IT Team’s Full Potential

With Olive, Flynn Group of Companies empowered their IT team to unleash their full potential. The tool provided a set of guardrails, ensuring that team members could consistently deliver their best work. By automating non-value-adding tasks, Olive allowed the team to focus on strategic and impactful activities, ultimately driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation within the organization.

Demonstrating Due Diligence as an IT Leader

Olive enabled Alan Zych and his IT team to demonstrate due diligence as IT leaders. By documenting the entire software procurement process, from requirements gathering to vendor evaluation, Flynn Group of Companies ensured transparency and accountability. The comprehensive documentation showcased the organization’s thoughtful and well-informed approach, earning the trust and support of stakeholders. It also facilitated future funding requests and resource allocations, as the organization recognized the benefits of cost-effective and successful software procurement.

Getting Funding for Strategic IT Purchases

With Olive’s assistance, Flynn Group of Companies improved their ability to secure funding for strategic IT purchases. The tool’s streamlined processes and demonstrated cost savings highlighted the organization’s ability to spend wisely and achieve better end results. As software-driven business operations became more prevalent, the IT department gained a more visible seat at the decision-making table, enabling them to drive positive changes and align IT investments with overall business objectives.

Buying Enterprise Software

Olive’s impact on enterprise software procurement was transformative for Flynn Group of Companies. By providing standardized requirements and facilitating stakeholder feedback, Olive ensured that the organization evaluated the right set of vendors and made informed decisions. Olive’s consistent approach to purchasing software across different projects eliminated uncertainties and inefficiencies, resulting in improved vendor selection and successful software implementations.

Getting Consistency Across All Scales of Sourcing and Procurement

Olive’s capabilities brought consistency to software sourcing and procurement process at Flynn Group of Companies, regardless of project scale. By automating manual efforts and providing standardized processes, the tool allowed the organization to achieve a consistent and methodical approach. This consistency instilled confidence in the procurement process and ensured that stakeholders who were not actively engaged in software procurement could still contribute effectively, knowing they were operating within established guidelines.

Cost-Effective Enterprise Tech Sourcing

Through Olive, Flynn Group of Companies achieved cost-effective enterprise tech sourcing. The tool enabled the organization to leverage its market knowledge, expand the vendor pool, and obtain competitive pricing. With Olive’s assistance, Flynn Group of Companies procured software efficiently, reducing costs while delivering high-quality solutions that aligned with their business needs and objectives.

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