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Kong Sources HR Software with Olive

Learn how Olive has helped the HR team at Kong streamline their HR technology selection process and enhance the company's digital transformation. Kong, an API service management company, uses Olive to improve the HR solution selection process. Olive's technology evaluation platform was used to collect and organize their requirements in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders. Using Olive, Kong reduced the requirements gathering process time from 2-3 months to 2 weeks.
Mark Tucker

I have seen a good requirements gathering process take anywhere from 2-3 months. With Olive, we completed it in 2 weeks.

Mark Tucker
Director of HR Technology and HR Analytics ,
Kong Inc.

Company Profile

‍We spoke with Mark Tucker, Director, HR Technology and Analytics at Kong, and learned how Olive has knocked months off Kong’s solution selection process, increased collaboration and brought consistency to the process of finding HR solutions for the needs of the business. Kong Inc. is a cloud connectivity company, powering connections to build a reliable world.

Kong Inc. is the creator and primary supporter of Kong, the most widely adopted open-source Microservice API gateway.  Kong is backed by a16z, Index Ventures, CRV, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Eric Schmidt (Google), Stanford University, NEA and many others.

Case Study

Why Kong Chose Olive as their HR Solution Selection Platform

Kong, an API service management company used Olive to improve its HR solution selection process. Olive’s technology evaluation platform was used to collect and organize their requirements in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders. This platform kept all stakeholders informed and ensured each stakeholder had the opportunity to comment and provide feedback on different requirements and solutions. Kong selected Olive as their technology evaluation tool based on its simple, intuitive design, ease of use, and increased efficiency it brought to their process.

Olive VS Other Solution Selection Platforms

Mark explains why they chose Olive to manage technology evaluations. “Olive focused on Kong’s needs so we could put our requirements in and asses vendors based on that information. Other platforms were mostly for salespeople managing their own requirement requests from potential clients.”

HR Solution Selection Success Kong Had with Olive

Time saved gathering requirements

Using Olive, Kong reduced it’s requirements gathering process time from 2-3 months, to 2 weeks. Historically the requirements gathering has always been a mass of spreadsheets coming from different sources, trying to compile all the data, making sure they are not duplicating the same requirements. Olive helped Kong get buy-in from the stakeholders efficiently. Having one place that everyone could see and collaborate with saved Kong huge amount of time in collecting requirements. 

Structure in comparison between HR solution vendors

Olive helped Kong achieve structure in comparing HR Technology solutions. By getting responses from vendors and immediately having a numbers comparison based on weighting. This eliminated the guesswork and the subjective review of the requirement responses and gave Kong an actual number to start digging into areas they felt might be more important or we needed more information on. This helped later, as they could identify what exactly they wanted demos on.

What is next for Kong and Olive

The HR team at Kong is going to continue using Olive to manage their HR technology solution selection. HR requirements can be very dense, with lots of compliance considerations. The HR team has four other requirement projects in process in Olive.  Elsewhere in the business such as Finance and IT teams, they’ve decided to use Olive for solution selection.

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