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The Role of the Business Analyst (BA) in Software Sourcing

5 reasons why a BA should lead digital transformation efforts. As digital transformation becomes increasingly vital for businesses in today’s economy, the role of the business analyst (BA) in facilitating…
Digital Transformation

Lean Digital Transformation for 2024

How to Achieve Lean Digital Transformation in 2024 The ability to deliver business value efficiently and predictably is more important than ever. The benefits of digital transformation can certainly deliver…
Automation, Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering

Olive Technologies and Procurify Partnership Announcement

Olive Technologies and Procurify Partner to Align SaaS Procurement from Source to Pay Read the Press Release Olive Technologies is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Procurify, a leading…
News, Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Trending Insights

Software Sourcing vs Software Procurement

Software Sourcing vs Software Procurement What distinguishes sourcing from procurement? Explore how these distinct procedures collaborate to enhance vendor relationships, identify best-fit solutions, and maintain cost-effectiveness for long-term gains. The…
Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process, Trending Insights

How to Increase and Grow User Adoption

Investing in software solutions that align with your business will streamline processes, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce risk. Finding the right solutions is essential for your business to grow and…
Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering

Why Your Technology Stack Deserves the Same Scrutiny as Your Employees

The Impact of Neglecting Software Assessment in your Technology Stack  Software assessment is often overlooked. Companies place great emphasis on ensuring their teams operate with clarity and purpose. Every employee’s…
Digital Transformation, IT Decision Making, Uncategorized

Sourcing Software Vendors as a Team

Enterprise software sourcing. The quest to find the perfect solution can be both thrilling and daunting. It often involves navigating Technology and Business Analyst sites vendor websites, enduring relentless sales…
AI, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process, Trending Insights, Vendor Selection

Increasing Trust in Digital Transformation: A Collaborative Approach

Stay relevant and make digital transformation a priority with an agile, collaborative digital transformation process. Digital transformation and software introductions fail most often because there is a lack of employee…
Commentary, Digital Transformation

The Software Sourcing Process

The software sourcing journey can be an arduous quest, navigating vendor websites, enduring relentless sales pitches, and drowning in an avalanche of information requests.  All this leads to the pivotal…
Strategic Sourcing, Uncategorized

Sourcing the Best HCM Software Solutions in 2024

Retaining top talent while optimizing cost, time, and bandwidth is difficult. Could digital transformation be the answer? The solution lies in finding the best HCM solution for your organization. With…

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