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How to Write an ERP RFP

How to Build Response-worthy RFPs for Enterprise Resource Planning Software Procurement Why Write an RFP for ERP? The importance of crafting an effective Request for Proposal (RFP) for Enterprise Resource…
ERP, RFP, Trending Insights

How to Choose the Best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System in 2024

Whether you are sourcing an ERP system for manufacturing, eCommerce, distribution, or education, finding the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be daunting, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved.

Agile Digital Transformation

The top 10 benefits of an agile approach to digital transformation. Agile is an increasingly popular term used in the digital transformation realm. Given the past few years, it’s no…
Digital Transformation

How to Write an RFP for Software and Technology Procurement

Craft Response-worthy RFPs for Software and Tech Procurement Why Write an RFP? The significance of crafting effective Request for Proposals (RFPs) cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to sourcing…
IT Decision Making, Procurement, RFP, Software Sourcing, Trending Insights

RFP Process: A 7 Step Guide to Success

Improve and Optimize Enterprise Technology and Software Purchasing: Say Goodbye to the Traditional RFP Process When it comes to software sourcing and procurement, the request for proposal, or RFP, is…
RFP, Trending Insights

The Role of the Business Analyst (BA) in Software Sourcing

As we ease back into society, the financial, operational, regulatory, and psychological effects of COVID-19 will linger past the social distancing and isolation phases, changing our behavior as to how…
Business Analyst, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Software Sourcing, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process

Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

Navigating the Convergence of Human Expertise and Technological Advancement As AI and automation continue evolving, businesses must adapt their strategies, processes, and talent to most effectively harness these tools while…
AI, Digital Transformation

Issue RFPs like a Pro: Source the Right RFP Software for Your Enterprise

In the world of procurement, issuing Request for Proposals (RFPs) is a critical process that demands precision and strategy. To navigate this terrain successfully, organizations need a clear roadmap and…

Exploring 2024’s Top Restaurant Technology Trends

Technology Driving Innovation in Restaurant Operations Setting the Table The restaurant industry in 2024 is poised to embrace technology more than ever, with a focus on streamlining operations, boosting profitability,…
Strategic Sourcing

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