Decoding IT Decisions: Insights from Olive’s Technology Selection Data Report

Olive Technology Selection Data Report Decoding 700 + Olive RFPs of IT Decision Insights

Enterprises Struggle to Make Informed Decisions on IT Sourcing

We are thrilled to introduce Olive’s First Technology Selection Data Report! This groundbreaking report offers an unparalleled look into the IT sourcing landscape, providing invaluable data-driven insights. Compiled from over 700 real RFIs and RFPs completed by your peers, this report is designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of IT procurement with confidence. By leveraging these insights, you can make informed, unbiased IT decisions that propel your business forward.

When it comes to IT sourcing and procurement, businesses often face significant challenges that lead to costly mistakes. Superficial evaluations, prolonged selection processes, exorbitant costs, and biased reviews are common pitfalls that derail tech implementations. Our report addresses these issues head-on, offering data-driven insights to help you make informed, unbiased IT decisions with confidence.

The Challenges in Current IT Selection Processes

Lack of Depth: The rush to “get the best” often results in superficial evaluations that fail to address the comprehensive needs of businesses.

Lengthy Processes: Traditional IT selection methods can take years, leaving companies with outdated solutions by the time they are implemented.

High Costs: Outsourcing to IT consultants is expensive and doesn’t always guarantee better or faster outcomes.

Biased Reviews: Market comparison websites can be influenced by vendors paying for higher rankings, leading to biased reviews and suboptimal choices.

At Olive, we understand these frustrations all too well. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined solution to accelerate the IT sourcing process. By analyzing real data from 700+ RFIs and RFPs completed by your peers, our Technology Selection Data Report provides the insights needed to make informed, confident IT decisions.

What’s Inside the Report?

The report offers detailed insights into the most researched software categories on Olive, such as ERP, POS, HCM, CRM, and LMS. It reveals top requirements organizations seek in their software and highlights which vendors to consider or avoid.

Key Takeaways and Highlights:

Popular Software Categories
ERP, HCM, CRM, LMS, and POS are the most researched categories among Olive customers.

Market Presence vs. Selection Rate

Some big players have a high market presence but a low selection rate, indicating that strong marketing does not always translate to business success.

AI Trends

While AI is a hot topic, it ranks low on actual requirements in RFPs. However, it remains the fastest-growing search term in 2024.

Top Requirements

Data and reporting are the top two requirement themes. Companies are increasingly aware of the value of their data and are demanding clear and actionable insights from tech vendors.

Integration and Configuration

Following data and reporting, integration and configuration are critical. Businesses struggle with connecting disparate systems and expect vendors to provide out-of-the-box integrations.

Why Olive’s Data Stands Out

In the realm of IT sourcing and procurement, the reliance on expert analyses and reviews has never been more critical. However, many industry reports and reviews are not as neutral as they appear. Financial entanglements between vendors and the platforms that review them often skew perspectives and outcomes. This bias can lead to misguided decisions, ranging from minor inefficiencies to costly missteps.

Unveiling the Bias: The Hidden Influence in IT Reports and Reviews

Olive’s approach is different. Our data comes directly from over 700 real RFIs and RFPs, ensuring that the insights are based on genuine needs and unbiased evaluations. Unlike many traditional reports influenced by vendor payments and relationships, Olive’s report is grounded in actual user experiences and objective analysis. This transparency is crucial for IT leaders who need reliable guidance to make critical decisions.

Accelerate Your IT Decisions with Olive

At Olive, we’re helping companies source software three times faster. As a trusted solution for top organizations, we offer unique data and insights into how your peers make major IT decisions. By coupling our comprehensive reports with the powerful tools available in the Olive platform, you can confidently choose the right solutions for your business faster and more efficiently.

Check out the Q2 2024 Technology Selection Data Report today and gain the insights you need to make unbiased, data-backed IT decisions that will propel your business forward.

By leveraging the insights from this report, businesses can avoid the pitfalls of superficial evaluations, lengthy processes, high costs, and biased reviews. Olive’s unique approach ensures that your IT sourcing and procurement decisions are both strategic and effective, helping you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

For more on Olive’s latest developments, check out this coverage from Beta News.

Enterprises Struggle to Make Informed Decisions on IT Sourcing


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