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Expert Tips on How Enterprise Businesses Can Leverage AI and ML

As a new member of the Forbes Technology Council, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to the recent Forbes article, “16 Tips To Help Small Businesses Start Leveraging AI/ML”, featuring…

AI Solutions to Streamline Enterprise Tech Procurement

4 Ways Olive Uses AI to Streamline the Enterprise Technology Vendor Selection Process “Digital transformation is not a destination. It’s a journey” Companies spend significant resources analyzing their data to make informed business decisions,…
Trending Insights

How to Choose the Best Enterprise Security Software

The Price of Ignoring Enterprise Cybersecurity: $4.24 Million and Counting Although cyberattacks have become more prevalent, so has the infrastructure to protect your business. Investing in robust enterprise security software…
Security, Trending Insights

AI-Powered Digital Transformation: Streamline Enterprise Software Vendor Selection

Continuously Evolving your Tech Stack is an Essential Aspect of Digital Transformation With the advent of COVID and remote workforces, the need for AI-powered digital transformation has skyrocketed. But how…
Digital Transformation, Trending Insights

Uncover the Best Enterprise AI Solutions for Your Business

COVID-19 has rapidly progressed the digital transformation occurring across most industries. Customers rarely have to wait or even leave the house to go shopping and are unlikely to ever return…
Digital Transformation, Solutions, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process, Trending Insights

Transform your Enterprise with the 7 Benefits of AI

Artificial Intelligence historically conjures a science fiction image displayed in movies like Transformers, Ex Machina, I Robot, or the creatively titled, AI. From a business standpoint, robotic domination is not…
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is Disrupting Procurement

Digital transformation is high on CPO’s agenda. Procurement-as-a-platform (PaaP) is leading change and innovation. Finding the right PaaP solutions for your business needs in collaboration with key stakeholders will lead…
Strategic Sourcing

How to Avoid Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats

Enterprise cybersecurity threats are steadily rising. Organizations need to take swift action to prevent fraudulent activity. Although cybersecurity threats are becoming more widespread, cyber architecture is equally becoming more advanced.…
Cybersecurity, IT Decision Making, Security

Bias in Enterprise Software Selection: How It Happens and What to Do About It

In his article “Using process to eliminate bias when selecting enterprise software”, Chris Doig opens with a story; “Imagine entering a courtroom where the trial consists of a prosecutor presenting…
Commentary, Digital Transformation, Solutions, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process, Trending Insights

Top 10 Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats for 2023

Top 10 Enterprise Cybersecurity Threats for 2023 The world of cybersecurity is ever-evolving, with new cybersecurity threats constantly surfacing. Organizations need to protect sensitive information from cyber threats. We’re likely…

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