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Software for Consultants – Streamline Your Process

What’s the best software solutions out there for consultants? Simply put, the ‘best’ solutions meet the needs of your business, not the first search result or the solution with the…
Automation, Consulting

Digital Transformation After the Pandemic

As we recover from a year of uncertainty, many IT Budgets are still frozen. Here’s what you can do NOW to prepare your organization for digital transformation after the pandemic.
Automation, Commentary, Consulting, Digital Transformation, Strategic Sourcing

Innovation for Procurement: How to Streamline the Strategic Sourcing Process

By automating and integrating sourcing activities, teams can reduce time required spent vetting new suppliers and focus your efforts on collecting and analyzing critical financial data. Here are 7 steps…
Strategic Sourcing

Vancouver Based Olive Chooses Chicago as the Base for US expansion

We have been blessed at Olive with a growth trajectory showing no signs of slowing down and our position as the leading software selection platform for consultants and IT leaders…

Increase User Adoption for Digital Transformation

Investing in software solutions that align with your business will streamline processes, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce risk. Finding the right solutions is essential for your business to grow and…
Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering

Automation Benefits for Consultants

Consultants who want to be in business in five years need to automate their business. Here’s why, and how consultants can benefit from automation.

The Future of Digital Transformation Depends On Organizational Buy-In

To embrace the future of digital transformation, you need organizational buy-in. Digital transformation is here to stay. Embrace it, and you will be rewarded with faster revenue growth, customer loyalty,…
Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering, The Software Selection Process

Olive’s Guide to Leading Digital Transformation

Leading an agile software selection process that drives innovation. Digital transformation goes beyond investing in shiny new technology for your business operations. Real digital transformation is a well-thought-out process of…
Digital Transformation

Olive’s 5 Steps to Secure Digital Transformation

IT leaders may find themselves scrambling to minimize security risks while keeping pace with evolving business demands. In an increasingly digital environment, gaining an edge on the competition requires agile…
Digital Transformation, Trending Insights

Agile Digital Transformation

The top 10 benefits of an agile approach to digital transformation. Agile is an increasingly popular term used in the digital transformation realm. Given the past few years, it’s no…
Digital Transformation

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