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Kickoff Your Digital Transformation Journey With Expert Data and Guidance

We recently launched Olive’s AI capabilities for project discovery and solution recommendation to existing Olive users (Olivers, as we call ourselves) and are overwhelmed by the positive response! Seeing the value Olive delivers for existing users, we have made Olive, the AI-Powered Digital Transformation Coach, available to the public.

Any organization embarking on digital transformation initiatives can chat with Olive from our website to build a thorough project plan. 

What, or WHO is Olive?

Olive is your virtual digital transformation coach and ally!

Olive is an AI Powered Digital Transformation coach that assists organizations in navigating the complexities of digital transformation discovery and planning, offering a glimpse of the capabilities available with the full version of Olive.

Through targeted questions, Olive comprehensively understands your unique pain points, goals, and objectives. Your conversation with Olive will form the foundation for guiding the organization through a thorough and objective software selection process.
Using data and AI, Olive assists in creating a customized Project Overview, jump-starting the digital transformation journey for organizations. This tailored plan can be easily downloaded or imported into the full version of the Olive Platform, unlocking its full capabilities.

How Olive Coaches You Through Digital Transformation Discovery

Accurate discovery plays a pivotal role in digital transformation by enabling organizations to strategically focus their efforts, identify targeted solutions, and align transformation initiatives with their goals. It fosters stakeholder engagement and collaboration, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of challenges and effective solutions. By measuring progress against identified problems, organizations can track the impact of their transformation efforts and make necessary adjustments for success. Digital transformation is a critical journey for all businesses, regardless of their scale, and it should not be restricted to those with greater financial resources.

Why We Are Releasing ‘Olive’ to the Public

The decision to provide free access to part of the Olive Platform addresses prevalent bias and financial barriers in the digital transformation consulting and tech research landscape. Traditional services like Gartner often come with significant financial costs, which can be prohibitive for smaller companies with limited budgets. Consequently, these companies may lack access to the level of expertise and insights needed for successful digital transformation initiatives.

Concerns have been growing regarding biases that can influence the traditional discovery process and the influence of marketing budgets on positioning within quadrants. By making Discovery features in Olive accessible at no cost, the company aims to mitigate some of these challenges.

Seeing the value Olive delivers for existing users, we have made our Olive AI Powered Digital Transformation Coach available to the public. Now, any organization looking to begin a transformation and wants to build project plans can chat with Olive from our website to build a thorough project plan from scratch!

Leverage Olive to skip weeks of project planning. You can create a thorough evaluation plan with use cases, requirements, vendor lists, discovery questions and more. From there, go it alone, work with a third party, or manage your initiative in the Olive Platform to save time and resources – and significantly improve your project success rate.

Some of the Benefits of the Full Olive Platform Include:

  • Accelerated Decision-Making: Achieve 3x faster time to decisions; Olive eliminates traditional bottlenecks by promoting real-time collaboration amongst vital teams like IT, Finance, Procurement, and Legal.
  • Cost-Effective Evaluations: Experience up to 60% cost savings when making major IT decisions.
  • Swift Requirements Consensus: Users have reached requirements consensus 4x faster with Olive, slashing the usual eight weeks to just two.
  • Optimized Business Analyst Workflow: Witness a staggering 5x increase in your Business Analysts’ efficiency; say goodbye to the tediousness of spreadsheets, templates, and long meetings.
  • Make your entire organization Digital Transformation experts: Create, integrate, and future-proof your digital transformation strategy; understand, adapt, and lead with Olive’s suite of tools.

Whether you are just building a project plan, or looking to transform how your company manages digital transformation, Olive is here to save you headaches and ensure success.

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Talk to Olive and Kick off your Digital Transformation Project

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