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At Olive, we believe the best AI solution is the vendor that meets the unique requirements of the organization. Experience next-level AI solution sourcing with Olive’s technology evaluation platform.
Gain unparalleled visibility into your organization’s needs, while saving time, reducing costs and risks, and increasing the success of AI solution evaluations. Trust Olive to find the best AI vendor that meets your organization’s unique requirements.

  • Access AI requirements templates
  • Access AI project templates
  • Create and deploy surveys for gathering and ranking requirements
  • See at a glance how vendors meet your business requirements
  • Find the best AI solution for your business needs

Match AI Vendors to Your Business Requirements

Match AI Vendors to Your Business Requirements

Compare Top Artificial Intelligence Vendors, Filtered by Your Unique Requirements

While industry reports provide valuable insights, they may not capture the specific needs of your organization. With Olive, compare solutions directly against your business requirements, ensuring alignment and mitigating the risk of choosing the wrong solution.

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The Benefits of Finding the Best Enterprise AI Solutions

The benefits of AI-driven solutions are undeniable. Olive.app is dedicated to providing easy access to future-altering software, empowering forward-thinking organizations to embrace digital transformation effortlessly.

Why Choose Olive?

  • Tailored Solutions
    We believe in finding the best AI vendor tailored to your organization’s needs. With Olive, discover AI solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business objectives.
  • Unparalleled Visibility
    Gain invaluable insights into your organization’s needs and requirements. You’ll save time, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure the success of your AI solution evaluations.
  • Efficiency and Collaboration
    Streamline the evaluation process with Olive’s collaborative tools. Stakeholders can effortlessly rank their individual requirements, fostering unbiased collaboration and ensuring accurate decision-making.
  • Rich Requirements Libraries
    Leverage Olive’s extensive requirements library to jumpstart your evaluation process. Gain access to top requirements listed on similar projects, facilitating informed discussions and prioritizing efficiency.
Efficiency with Olive platform

Save Time and Money

Stakeholders can log in to Olive to rank their individual requirements in order to anonymously to capture how important that spec is in their particular department. This saves hours interviewing, meeting with, capturing, and ranking stakeholder needs in spreadsheets and meetings.

Collaboration is easy with Olive

Fast, Accurate, Unbiased Collaboration

Other stakeholders that may not belong to your department can respond accordingly. Olive gets you to an average reading of requirements, removing any stakeholder or departmental bias.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive

Requirements Templates

Olive’s requirements management tools have requirements templates. These help to start the requirements conversations, showing your stakeholders what to consider and what’s out there in the space.

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