Use Comparative Analysis to Find the Best Vendor for Your Needs

Olive allows you to evaluate vendors based on their ability to meet your requirements, helping you determine a shortlist backed with data.

  • Compare vendors side by side against your requirements
  • Use dynamic, automatically calculated vendor scores to compare your options
  • Weight different sections or departments for additional flexibility in calculating vendor scores
  • Make decisions based on data and find a vendor that meets your needs

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Traditional RFP vs. Olive

With a typical RFP, RFI, or RFQ process, you send out a spreadsheet or document to a few vendors and hope for responses. With Olive, you can invite as many vendors as you want directly into the project. As they respond to your requirements and answer questions, you see the results and how well they score against your requirements and needs in real-time.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive
Find the right solution

Comparative Analysis

Compare vendors side by side

In Olive, vendor scores are automatically calculated. Compare vendors side by side down to a specific requirements. Dynamic auto calculations mean the score continually updates as stakeholders score vendor’s responses. The ability to weigh different sections or departments gives additional flexibility in calculating  vendor scores. All of this allows for decisions based on data, not bias.

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Compare Solution Vendors to the Business Requirements

Decisions based on the needs of the business, not reviews.

Olive does not charge vendors. We facilitate vendor-neutral decisions based on exactly what you need, not what vendors are selling or subjective reviews. Olive allows you to invite vendors to respond to requirements, without revealing the identity of your client or business.

Transparency on Olive platform: Changes and scores logged, Criteria Library
Find the right solution

Detailed, Automated Due Diligence

All activity recorded and time stamped in Olive.

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions meet the business requirements, Olive users drive thorough due diligence, and gain insights as to how well a vendor meets their specific needs, without having to sift through Excel spreadsheets.

The New Standard in Enterprise Software Selection

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