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Our New Website

We have just launched our new website and are excited to share it with you, our customers, partners, supporters, and friends. The team here at Olive Technologies has spent months…

Enterprise Software Selection is a Nightmare

The software evaluation process is a nightmare, but investing in support pays off! Getting pains out of stakeholders in a room was tough enough before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now…
The Software Selection Process

Boost Stakeholder Collaboration in IT Projects for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about tech, it’s about engaging the right stakeholders to find the right tech. Agile collaboration with the right stakeholders will help you find the solutions…
Digital Transformation, The Software Selection Process

Why You Should Increase Automation In A Downturn

Newsflash: The markets are shaky, inflation is high and a recession looks unavoidable. As much as it can feel like the end of the world—or at least super scary—it’s happened…

8 Benefits Of Automated Requirements Management

The 8 Benefits Of Automated Requirements Management for Technology Vendor Selection. Using automation to manage requirements is a sure way to save time, increase productivity, improve collaboration, alignment, organizational buy-in,…
Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering

Digital Transformation Demands Effective Requirements Management

Digital transformation success means introducing new technology to improve a company’s performance or creating processes that utilize existing technology to improve the customer experience. Digital transformation success metrics all have…
Requirements Gathering

Risk Management for Software Selection

The software selection process is fraught with risks and blunders. Effective risk management can help you find best-fit software to meet the project requirements. This article outlines the risks to avoid…
The Software Selection Process

Digital Transformation – A Framework for Getting Started

Digital transformation is a term that is often misunderstood. It can be used to describe integrating new technologies, automating operations, going paperless, or the rollout of digital products and services.…
Consulting, Digital Transformation, Requirements Gathering, Solutions, Strategic Sourcing, The Software Selection Process

Olive Is Awarded High Performer and Best Support Badges In G2 Summer 2022 Reports

Olive has seen exponential growth and success in the past few years by creating an industry industry-leading software for Enterprise Software Selection. We have great news! Olive has been recognized…

How to Build a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Successful digital transformation means gaining consensus from your organization. Here we discuss how to build a winning digital transformation strategy.
Commentary, Digital Transformation

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