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4 Ways Olive Uses AI to Streamline the Enterprise Technology Vendor Selection Process

“Digital transformation is not a destination. It’s a journey”

Companies spend significant resources analyzing their data to make informed business decisions, including those related to technology vendor selection. However, traditional analysis methods can be time-consuming and costly. By leveraging Olive’s AI solutions, businesses can accelerate the technology vendor selection process and make informed decisions faster. With the ability to learn from a company’s own data, Olive’s AI-powered solutions and features can help identify the most effective solutions and reduce inefficiencies in the system. Here are 4 ways Olive uses AI to help enterprises streamline how they procure technology vendors:

1. Olive Uses AI to Generate Requirements 

Olive’s AI powered technology will help you generate requirements that are relevant to your business needs. This help to identify pre-seeded requirements to get the ball rolling, saving time and keeping the project focused on the goals.

As requirements are being finalized, AI solutions can then identify best-fit solutions to meet those requirements (or potentially find that no single solution can meet them). In order to verify that a solution or group of solutions can meet the necessary requirements for an organization, AI can help build out demo scripts allowing solution vendors to focus on the most important requirements.

2. Olive Provides an AI Solution To Manage Enterprise Data Sets

By embedding AI into its processes, Olive can ensure that all of your data for all of your technical needs is in one place to facilitate the evolution of your entire technology stack, which helps to streamline your digital transformation process.

3. Olive Accelerates the Technology Vendor Selection Process with AI

Olive can also accelerate the vendor selection process by using AI to analyze its rich data set to identify areas where vendors truly excel or where they may fall flat, based on actual data rather than biased market analysts and reviews. Since the existing statistics point to 70% of digital transformation projects failing, it’s safe to assume that companies should base decisions on robust data rather than on biased reviews and opinions.

4. Olive Improves Organizational Performance with Continuous Technology Analysis

Once all of your technology needs, assets, and solution providers are in Olive, you can continue to analyze and track their performance against your organization’s evolving needs, providing you with the tools you need to continuously evolve and improve your technology, your processes, and ultimately your organization itself.

Olive – Your Enterprises’ AI-Powered Digital Transformation Coach

The advent of the automobile and the lightbulb in the late 19th century triggered technological growth on a scale never seen before in history. 100 years later, the birth of the internet kicked that growth into overdrive. Technology is changing the world so quickly that organizations that cannot keep up will fail. Digital transformation is not a destination. It’s a journey. Olive can play an active role in providing ongoing guidance and support for enterprises seeking continuous improvement through digital transformation Olive can act as an AI-powered digital transformation coach.

Use Olive’s AI-powered solution to;

  • build and manage enterprise data sets

  • research technology with specific guidance and focus on the initiative you’re looking for

  • discover needs

  • gather and manage requirements

  • compare vendors, and accelerate vendor selection

  • create a continuous ai powered digital transformation loop in your organization


AI-Powered Digital Transformation


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