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3 Ways IT Leaders Can Motivate a Team 

3 ways to motivate your tech team

Inspire your Team!

I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to the recent Forbes article, 16 Ways Tech Leaders Can Help A Demotivated Team Turn Things Around, featuring insights from my peers at  Forbes Technology Council.

A few of these tips really resonated with me, especially when I reflect on the beginning stages of Olive and, more so, when it comes team motivation. At the end of every week, we get together as a team and remind each other of our mission, what we are working towards in building Olive.

1. Give your Team the Right Tools to be Successful


2. Realign On Your Core Mission

A realignment on your core mission and values as a team can really invigorate. Remind everyone of the mission and how important the work they’re doing is. It can be easy to miss the forest for the trees sometimes.

Chris Heard, Olive Technologies

3. Take A Look At How Far You’ve Come As A Team

To re-excite the team, we love to revisit where we started through sharing stories and pictures of early installations or deployments and then highlighting where we are now through the same. It gives the team an opportunity to laugh at the early stages and reignite their pride in the work accomplished at the same time. There’s nothing better than chuckling at your first beta UI/UX!

Tracy Davis, TRAX Analytics

4. Give The Team Time To Breathe

I don’t believe you can just persevere through low morale. In the burnout stage, you can’t typically push people any further. Instead, that’s an indication you need to get away from the work and do something different, whether it’s a team-building exercise or getting drinks together. Help people think about the work without doing work, and give them the necessary time to breathe.

Ginger Dhaliwal, Upflex

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Increase buy in and collaboration on your IT team with Olive

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