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Olive streamlines the software selection process, enabling your organization to collaborate to make fast, efficient, and unbiased decisions on software solutions.


Align with Internal Stakeholders on Solutions that Drive Digital Transformation

Streamline your Technology Vendor Selection journey with Olive. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to assess enterprise technology vendors that align with the business needs.

Olive’s agile online platform simplifies the process, allowing you align on needs and invite qualified vendors to respond to requirements. With Olive your organization will confidently select solutions that drive digital transformation for the organization.

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Simplify Your Digital Transformation Journey with Olive

60% Cost Savings on Solution Evaluations

Olive has helped organizations save over 60% on the cost of software selection compared to the previous in-house approach on a single project. The cost savings increase if your organization is working on multiple projects or integrations.

3x Faster Time to Decision

Olive users take less time to source, evaluate, and implement enterprise technology vendors. Increased collaboration amongst key stakeholders including IT, Finance, Procurement, and Legal reduces delays caused by miscommunication, outdated processes, conflicting priorities, and lack of alignment.

4x Faster Requirements Consensus

Capture, prioritize, manage, and rank requirements no matter the complexity. Olive users report gathering, managing, and ranking requirements 4 times faster than usual. Eight weeks vs. two weeks.

5x Business Analyst Efficiency

Maximize the efficiency of your Business Analysts, giving them a solution to the time-consuming and resource-intensive process of requirements gathering. With Olive, BAs can gather, rank, and receive feedback on requirements without relying on spreadsheets, RFI RFQ templates, or lengthy meetings.

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Case Studies

Olive Customers Collaborate to Transform

Get an inside look at how our customers use Olive to leverage internal crowdsourced data and collaborate to find solutions that drive digital transformation.

PRMI Uses Olive to Source Software

We chatted with Corban Wells, Director of Product Management at Primary Residential Mortgage about finding best-fit solutions in Olive, and why that’s important for mortgage industry digital transformation.
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Kong Sources HR Software with Olive

Learn how Olive has helped the HR team at Kong streamline their HR technology selection process and enhance the company's digital transformation. Kong, an API service management company, uses Olive to improve the HR solution selection process. Olive's technology evaluation platform was used to collect and organize their requirements in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders. Using Olive, Kong reduced the requirements gathering process time from 2-3 months to 2 weeks.
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Find best-fit software vendors for strategic digital transformation.

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