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The Software Selection Process is a Nightmare

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What does your organization really need?

At Olive, we believe in leading with your business requirements and evaluating all solutions against those needs. Unfortunately finding gathering and ranking these requirements collaboratively with the organization can be a huge nightmare. The traditional waterfall process of determining needs, and comparing them to solution options available has been made even more difficult by remote and hybrid working. Getting pains out of stakeholders in a room was tough enough before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now managing the process in spreadsheets remotely, has made a nightmarish process even tougher. Skipping over this due diligence and going straight to only evaluating a few recommended solutions, never ends well. But sometimes, you just don’t have the internal ability, funds, or time to manage the evaluation process. That’s where investing in some help can pay off in the long run.

Because the process of evaluating solutions is so long, convoluted, and riddled with bias, many companies skip this step and end up paying for it down the line. Failure to invest the time and diligence required in collaborating with your stakeholders to determine business needs can lead to choosing the wrong solution, low user adoption rates, the software costing much more than planned, or the solution becomes a piece of shelfware. In some cases it could cost the lead decision maker their job.

The traditional enterprise software selection process can range between 6 and 18 months, and span over multiple IT project phases. With so many software solution vendors on the market (over 300 in some cases) manually looking at how all vendors meet your needs, is simply impossible. Filtering through the BS to get to what these vendors actually do, and objectively comparing each one to your business nee

ds takes months to do manually, yet up to now, this has been the only way to make the right choice, without going to an IT Consultant.

Olive is setting out to change this, becoming the first software evaluation platform that is efficient and free of bias, automating the process of finding the

best-fit technology solution.

Avoid the nightmare, get support to find the right solution

Olive’s productivity platform helps CIOs and technology buyers shorten the software selection process without sacrificing any due diligence. Olive gives CIOs visibility into company-wide needs and filters all vendors in the space by those requirements – reducing time, effort, risk, and cost of technology evaluations. Olive walks you through developing surveys to gather your business requirements, allowing you to discover and rank the true needsof your business. Olive then compares and shortlists these solutions based on how well they meet these specific business needs.

Due to the tedious nature of technology evaluations, they can often be avoided or shortened, or only a handful of solutions evaluated by grabbing them from the Magic Quadrant. However – By doing your due diligence and getting support to properly evaluate 100% of the solutions available against your unique business needs, you’ll have the confidence to stand by your decision, knowing you have the best-fit enterprise solution available for your business needs.

The Software Selection Process
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