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Flourishing in IT After the Pandemic

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IT leadership positions are known to have a high turnover rate, even at the best of times. This global pandemic, coupled with a massive recession looming, is enough to shake even the most tenured technology professionals. What measures can you take to effectively navigate the months and years ahead?

Empower yourself through education

Staying current with new technologies and methodologies is an obvious, but vital starting point. After hundreds of conversations with IT leaders, the Olive team is always startled by the sheer number of self professed ‘innovators’’ who still dig their heels into outdated waterfall processes. Avoid becoming stagnant by learning about, and embracing agile new processes.

Take a step outside of your own bubble

Look at the business from the standpoint of other departmental leaders. Empathizing with, and strategizing alongside colleagues like your CFO, VP of sales, and head of marketing, will strengthen your position in the company. Be a dynamic problem solver who is seen by executives as a key business asset and partner.

Be financially responsible

Being able to innovate while still remaining on or under budget is a surefire way to keep your position. You must be willing to explore more options than ever before. Reaching for the nearest analyst report and picking the top 3 vendors to evaluate is no longer sufficient. Vendors know when you’ve only looked at a few options, and have concluded that their solution is your best option. At Olive, we evaluate 50 or more solutions per project. Why? So you can shortlist a number of vendors that closely fit your needs, and approach each of them from a position of strength. Negotiating power is critical for coming in on, or under budget.

Don’t sit on your hands waiting for more

You’re always going to want a bigger budget, a bigger team, maybe even a more experienced team. Part of being an irreplaceable leader, is showing what you’re able to accomplish with what you have. Focus on finding ways to augment your existing processes and personnel. Using tools to accelerate and optimize innovation will show that you’re staying current, and thinking agile.

Final thoughts

Being an innovative, proactive leader should be your main focus now. Acquire new certifications, be diligent about learning new technologies and trends. If you find yourself in a new company, embrace their existing digital transformation efforts and strive to integrate your own strategies effectively. Whatever you do, make sure you’re having such a positive impact on the business, that you’re deemed irreplaceable.

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