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Digital Transformation is not just about finding new technology. Unlocking success requires collaboration with key stakeholders to understand the business needs and find solutions that drive business value. Olive is a technology evaluation platform that helps consultants and IT leaders find software that drives digital business transformation.

  • Gather, rank and collaborate on business requirements
  • Gain consensus on what’s needed with key stakeholders and C Suite
  • Automate requirements management
  • Compare digital solution vendors to business needs
  • Detailed reporting to increase efficiency and transparency
  • Shortlist of solutions 3x faster than the traditional process
  • Increase user adoption by giving the organization buy-in
  • Enhance the organization’s change management strategy

Find the Right Solutions that Accelerate Digital Transformation

Olive provides premium digital transformation support and strategic services to help you seamlessly navigate the transformation process.

Engage our strategic services for all, or part of your digital transformation strategy. We’ve automated the path to digital transformation and have streamlined the process. Our technology evaluation platform, coupled with strategic services and premium support, helps clients get to a shortlist of best match solutions in 66% less time. Use Olive’s services to kick off or accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

Olive | Digital Transformation Software for Consultants and IT Leaders

Collaboration is easy with Olive

Gather and Rank Requirements in Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Agile stakeholder collaboration.

Olive surveys make it easy to collaborate with key stakeholders. Deploy surveys at any stage of the process to capture, prioritize, manage and rank requirements. Olive’s requirements management software gets everyone’s voices on the table, regardless of their location or how they prefer to work.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive
Unbiased Technology Evaluations

Compare Solution Vendors to the Business Requirements

Decisions based on the needs of the business, not reviews.

Olive does not charge vendors. We facilitate vendor-neutral decisions based on exactly what you need, not what vendors are selling or subjective reviews. Olive allows you to invite vendors to respond to requirements, without revealing the identity of your client or business.

Transparency on Olive platform: Changes and scores logged, Criteria Library
Find the right solution

Detailed, Automated Due Diligence

All activity recorded and time stamped in Olive.

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions meet the business requirements, Olive users drive thorough due diligence, and gain insights as to how well a vendor meets their specific needs, without having to sift through Excel spreadsheets.

Mortgage Industry Digital Transformation – PRMI Finds Best-Fit Vendors in Olive

We chatted with Corban Wells, Director of Product Management at Primary Residential Mortgage about finding best-fit solutions in Olive, and why that’s important for mortgage industry digital transformation. As PRMI evaluates these solutions and moves toward a more digital process for their customers, the biggest challenge is choosing the right vendors to work together in their existing tech stack.
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Kong Knocks Months off HR Solution Selection with Olive

Learn how Olive has helped the HR team at Kong streamline their HR technology selection process and enhance the company's digital transformation. Kong, an API service management company, uses Olive to improve the HR solution selection process. Olive's technology evaluation platform was used to collect and organize their requirements in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders. Using Olive, Kong reduced the requirements gathering process time from 2-3 months to 2 weeks.
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