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Streamlining Software Vendor Selection with Olive

How Home Hardware Achieved Efficiency and Savings through enhanced collaboration.
Ken Kennery

It would be a mistake to drop Olive and go back to the traditional way of selecting software vendors after seeing the value that it brings.

Ken Kennery
IT Business Solutions Manager - Dealer Support ,
Home Hardware Stores Limited

Company Profile

Home Hardware Stores Limited is Canada’s largest independent home improvement retailer. The company is owned by close to 1,100 independent small business operators from every corner of Canada, who operate under one of four banners: Home Hardware, Home Hardware Building Centre, Home Building Centre, and Home Furniture.

“Home Hardware was created by and for independent dealers who believed in a community that would serve the Canadian hardware retail industry’s common good.”

‍We interviewed Ken Kennery, IT Business Solutions Manager – Dealer Support at Home Hardware Stores Limited. Ken has been with Home hardware for 35 years.

Case Study

Software Selection Process Before Olive

Home Hardware previously followed a traditional software selection process. The team would rely on the magic quadrant information, make phone calls, manually log details in spreadsheets, and compile everything in Excel. This labor-intensive process was the norm for vendor recruitment prior to implementing Olive.

Improvements in the Technology Evaluation Process After Implementing Olive

The introduction of Olive revolutionized the technology evaluation process at Home Hardware. The manual legwork, which involved numerous resources and countless hours, became significantly streamlined. Instead of spending considerable time narrowing down a list of vendors, Olive provided a centralized platform where all the necessary information was readily available. Project stakeholders and IT personnel could review the vendors’ pros and cons, rate their offerings, and assess their compatibility with requirements at any time, day or night. The time-saving benefits of Olive were widely acknowledged by those involved in similar evaluations in the past.

Advantages of Olive

Olive eliminated the need for laborious legwork and extensive research to identify vendors to evaluate. It spared Home Hardware the effort of seeking assistance from external sources like Gartner to determine the best vendors in specific areas. Olive’s comprehensive database included contact names, which would otherwise require significant effort to gather, and facilitated effective follow-up. The tool’s ability to centralize all relevant information was greatly appreciated, providing peace of mind that the upfront work was handled efficiently.

The Role of Olive in Enhancing Efficiency: Olive provided Ken and his team with the confidence that thorough research had been conducted on their behalf, eliminating the need for redundant efforts. With Olive’s curated list of vendors, Home Hardware could promptly proceed with scheduling meetings and demos. The app’s functionality enabled efficient assessment of vendor responses and alignment with the company’s requirements, resulting in significant time savings.

Improved Collaboration and Transparency with Olive

The simplicity of the technology evaluation process using Olive was well-received by Home Hardware’s VPs and IT group. The ability to collaborate within the tool instead of relying on spreadsheets and emails was seen as a significant win. This enhanced collaboration and transparency ensured that all stakeholders could actively participate in the IT project through the Olive platform.

Impact of Olive

The demonstrated value and time saved through Olive’s streamlined processes make it illogical to return to the previous way. Moreover, abandoning Olive would lead to prolonged project durations, hindering the company’s progress.

Using Olive, Home Hardware Stores Limited successfully optimized its software vendor selection process, saving time, improving collaboration, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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