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Revolutionizing the outdated, traditional perspectives associated with software buying

In the latest episode of the School for Startups Podcast, Chris Heard, Co-founder and CEO of Olive Technologies, joins host Jonathan Orpin to share his inspiring entrepreneurial journey and insights into building a successful tech brand.

During the podcast, Chris emphasizes the crucial role of branding in the tech industry. “Brand is so important,” he asserts. “If you can build a good brand, people will come to you.” His journey with Olive highlights how a strong brand identity can be a game-changer in attracting customers and investors alike.

But it’s not just about building a brand for Chris. It’s about revolutionizing the industry. He envisions transforming the traditional perspectives associated with software buying, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses. This commitment to innovation and forward-thinking is what drives Olive’s success. Chris’s vision is to revolutionize the outdated, traditional perspectives associated with software buying.

Tune in to the podcast episode to learn more about Chris’s story and how Olive is shaping the future of IT Decision making.

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