Save time with Olive’s AI-driven approach to RFPs

Olive’s RFP alternative automates and shortens the process of enterprise software partner selections. Eliminate the hassle of traditional RFPs with Olive’s AI-driven approach.

RFx excellence and software sourcing made seamless with Olive: Vendor comparison, RFP automation, streamlined processes.

Benefits of Using Olive as Your Enterprise RFP Software

  • Requirement libraries and internal survey features facilitate an agile collaboration process, making it easy to capture, prioritize and manage your business needs, no matter the complexity.
  • Olive helps improve internal collaboration on tech selection with IT, Procurement, Finance and Legal.
  • The Olive platform guides stakeholders through all steps of the technology evaluation process, getting to a shortlist of solutions faster than ever thought possible.
  • De-risk decision making with data-driven vendor comparisons and automated due diligence.
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Traditional RFP vs. Olive

With a typical RFP, RFI, or RFQ process, you send out a spreadsheet or document to a few vendors and hope for responses. With Olive, you can invite as many vendors as you want directly into the project. As they respond to your requirements and answer questions, you see the results and how well they score against your requirements and needs in real-time.

Faster technology evaluations

5x Business Analyst Efficiency

Maximize the efficiency of your Business Analysts, giving them a solution to the time-consuming and resource-intensive process of requirements gathering. With Olive, BAs can gather, rank, and receive feedback on requirements without relying on spreadsheets, RFI RFQ templates, or lengthy meetings.

Find the best solution

4x Faster Requirements Consensus

Capture, prioritize, manage, and rank requirements no matter the complexity. Olive users report gathering, managing, and ranking requirements 4 times faster than usual. Eight weeks vs. two weeks.

Faster technology evaluations

3x Faster Time to Decision

Olive users take less time to source, evaluate, and implement enterprise technology solutions. Increased collaboration amongst key stakeholders including ITFinanceProcurement, and Legal reduces delays caused by miscommunication, outdated processes, conflicting priorities, and lack of alignment.

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