Customer Relationship Management

Find the Best CRM Solution for Your Business Needs

Use Olive to Streamline Your CRM Evaluation

With so many Customer Relationship Management systems on the market, picking the right one for your business can be overwhelming. Now, more than ever, leaders must ensure they have a CRM system that works for their specific requirements. With Olive, you can find the right CRM software solution for your unique and evolving business needs.

  • Access CRM requirements templates
  • Access CRM project templates
  • Create and deploy surveys for gathering and ranking requirements
  • See at a glance how vendors meet your business requirements
  • Find the best CRM for your business needs
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Match CRM Vendors to Your Business Requirements

Compare The Leading Enterprise CRM Solutions, Filtered by Your Requirements

Gartner, G2 Crowd and Capterra can give you a good overview of vendors on the market, but shortcutting the process and only reviewing a few solutions in the space is fraught with risk and bias. Choosing the wrong CRM will cost you in the long run. Olive lets you compare solutions to the business needs.

Efficiency with Olive platform

Save Time and Money

Stakeholders can log in to Olive to rank their individual requirements in order to anonymously to capture how important that spec is in their particular department. This saves hours interviewing, meeting with, capturing, and ranking stakeholder needs in spreadsheets and meetings.

Collaboration is easy with Olive

Fast, Accurate, Unbiased Collaboration

Other stakeholders that may not belong to your department can respond accordingly. Olive gets you to an average reading of requirements, removing any stakeholder or departmental bias.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive

Requirements Templates

Olive’s requirements management tools have requirements templates. These help to start the requirements conversations, showing your stakeholders what to consider and what’s out there in the space.

Find the Best Solution for Your Business