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Use Olive to Streamline Your CMS Evaluation

With so many CMS (Content Management Systems) on the market, picking the right one for your business can be overwhelming. Now, more than ever, leaders must ensure they have a solution that works for their specific requirements. With Olive, you can find the right software solution for your unique and evolving business needs, 3x faster.

  • Access CMS RFP template
  • Create and deploy surveys for gathering and ranking requirements
  • Collaborate with key departments and stakeholders to ensure your source the right solution for everyone
  • Compare CMS solutions to your business requirements
  • Source the best Content Management System for your business needs

Use Olive to Streamline Your CMS Evaluation

Source the perfect CMS solution with Olive Technologies. Collaborate, evaluate, and source confidently for your organization’s needs.

Sourcing the right system for your organization’s needs can help businesses achieve goals, improve customer relationships, and increase profitability. Relying on hype, biased opinions, or incentivized reviews when sourcing CMS vendors can lead to costly mistakes. Olive’s AI-driven software sourcing platform makes it easy to collaborate with department heads and compare vendors to your unique business needs.

Gartner, G2, and Capterra provide a good starting point by giving you an overview of the top-reviewed vendors. However, it’s essential to evaluate multiple solutions thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Don’t settle for a subpar solution that will cost you in the long run. With Olive, you can speed up the CMS sourcing process, de-risk your decision, and make the right choice for your organization.

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Match Vendors to Your Business Requirements

Streamline Your CMS Evaluation

3x Faster Time to Vendor Decision

Olive users take less time to source, evaluate, and implement CMS solutions. Increased collaboration amongst key stakeholders reduces delays caused by miscommunication, outdated processes, conflicting priorities, and lack of alignment.

Match CRM Vendors to Your Business Requirements

Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency with Olive’s CMS RFP Template

Kick-off your organization’s Content Management System evaluation with Olive’s pre-created project template. Project pre-loaded with;

  • Discovery Surveys
  • Standard Requirements
  • User Feedback
  • List of Vendors
  • Vendor Responses to Requirements
CMS RFP Template

CMS Vendor Comparative Analysis

In Olive, CMS vendor scores are automatically calculated based on requirements. Dynamic auto calculations ensure that scores continuously update as stakeholders evaluate vendor responses. The platform also offers the flexibility to assign different weights to various sections or departments when calculating vendor scores. This data-driven approach enables unbiased decision-making.

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