Business Analysis

A Dedicated Business Transformation Expert

Our experts lead your technology evaluation projects. They will document all the necessary details including current & future state, detailed requirements, intended benefits & even calculate ROI / TCO.

At the end you will receive a vetted business case with recommended solutions and a high level implementation plan.

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Business Analysis Services List

Business Case Development and Documentation

Free up internal resources and let us develop and document the business cases for transformation projects, that will deliver measurable results.

Current State Documentation and Process Mapping

Our experts will map out all of your relevant business processes and user journeys. Understanding where you are today is the only way to map out a journey to the desired destination.

Stakeholder Engagement

We will lead the process of identifying key stakeholders. We will create a plan to engage, collaborate and communicate with them.

Requirements Gathering and Analysis

We will provide you with requirements research, lead your stakeholder requirements sessions and lead your requirements gathering and analysis efforts.

Benefits Identification and Quantification

We’ll work with your team to identify and document intended benefits, and state them in a quantifiable and measurable way.

ROI and TCO Calculations

Ensuring true cost and value is captured and documented.

Change Management Consideration and Organizational Alignment

We provide you with considerations that help develop a culture of innovation. Effective change management increases user adoption.

Vendor Shortlisting

Your designated business transformation expert will attend your demos and provide additional feedback after with a thorough debrief. You gain the perspective of an unbiased expert.

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