Get the Most Out of Your Procurement Platform

Discover Procurement’s Secret Weapon

Get the most out of your procurement process by using Olive to find the right solutions first. Olive de-risks company decisions and gives procurement confidence that the right choice has been made, while providing accurate data and due diligence on vendor evaluations.

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Get the most out of your procurement process.

Benefits of Using Olive to Source Digital Solutions

Find the right solution

Confidence in Every Decision

Eliminates the Risk of Procuring the Wrong Solution

70% of digital transformation projects fail, often because the wrong solution was chosen. Olive aligns business decisions and gives confidence that the right decision has been made.

  • Data to support the right choice of vendor
  • Streamline your buy-in process
  • Vendor intelligence based on your business needs
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Upfront Vendor Data and Due Diligence

Organized Vendor Data

Procurement starts their process with robust data and due diligence. Set the team up for success and maximize vendor relationships.

  • Data and due diligence exportable from Olive
  • Increased vendor accountability
  • Accelerate the procurement process with the right data

Ensure Procurement is Supported

Internal Alignment on Business Needs

Add procurement as stakeholders to any Olive project so they can provide their requirements upfront, and ensure that their needs are considered when the company sources software.

  • Prevent repeat sourcing
  • Minimize decision risk
  • Improve company’s financial health