Invite Stakeholder Feedback with Surveys and Collaboration Tools

Collaboration in Olive is fast and inclusive. Save countless hours by avoiding long meetings, stakeholder interviews, and eliciting requirements into spreadsheets.

  • Create templated surveys to gather feedback from your stakeholders
  • Use Olive’s in app chat for a simple and easy platform to collaborate across your business
  • Capture all requirements, details, insights, and feedback without manually managing details
  • Gather feedback automatically
  • Record feedback with flexible criteria types, including Yes/No functionality
  • Aggregate survey data to assess priorities and trace feedback to particular stakeholders

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Efficiency with Olive platform
Faster Technology Evaluations

Save Time with Pre-built Requirements Libraries

Olive saves months of evaluation time.

Connect to Olive’s agile technology evaluation platform and find the solutions that drive transformation. Olive’s requirements management software helps you select requirements from pre-built templates, or build your own. No matter the complexity of the software you are looking for, Olive has requirements templates to kick off your requirements gathering process.

Collaboration is easy with Olive

Gather and Rank Requirements in Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

Agile stakeholder collaboration.

Olive surveys make it easy to collaborate with key stakeholders. Deploy surveys at any stage of the process to capture, prioritize, manage and rank requirements. Olive’s requirements management software gets everyone’s voices on the table, regardless of their location or how they prefer to work.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive
Unbiased Technology Evaluations

Compare Solution Vendors to the Business Requirements

Decisions based on the needs of the business, not reviews.

Olive does not charge vendors. We facilitate vendor-neutral decisions based on exactly what you need, not what vendors are selling or subjective reviews. Olive allows you to invite vendors to respond to requirements, without revealing the identity of your client or business.

Transparency on Olive platform: Changes and scores logged, Criteria Library
Find the right solution

Detailed, Automated Due Diligence

All activity recorded and time stamped in Olive.

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions meet the business requirements, Olive users drive thorough due diligence, and gain insights as to how well a vendor meets their specific needs, without having to sift through Excel spreadsheets.

Software Built to Capture, Gather, and Rank Detailed Requirements


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Surveys & Stakeholder Collaboration