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Our New Website

Olive Technologies - Technology Evaluation Platform

We have just launched our new website and are excited to share it with you, our customers, partners, supporters, and friends. The team here at Olive Technologies has spent months looking into how we can create a better online experience for our customers and partners and communicate what we do here at Olive more clearly.

To choose a web design partner, we performed an evaluation in the Olive platform, to figure out which vendor would best meet our unique needs. We chose Online Optimism, and our experience has been great! Crafting a website that suits our aesthetic and functions well can be difficult; however, Online Optimism’s talented team of designers and developers has helped us elevate our online presence.  

What’s New?


We have updated our Navigation system to direct you to the information that is most important to you. Olive is for anyone who is buying or evaluating technology. Now you can navigate to the section most pertinent to you! 

Updated web design, and UX

We wanted our website to reflect our brand and what we stand for! Olive was created to be the Olive Branch between buyers and sellers. The association between olive branches and peace continues to the present, as “extend the olive branch” refers to conflict resolution and the resumption of peaceful relations. Online Optimism worked with us to update our site’s look and feel while staying true to our brand.

Content and Resources

All of our content has been updated and includes some new sections! 

Platform Solution Pages

We’ve collected Olive’s most used features and solutions into one section, so you can navigate easily to what you need the most. Check it out here!


We’ve introduced search within our blog, where you can find resources to help you streamline your software selection process, manage requirements, vendors, and more. Click here to learn more!

White Papers

Olive’s white papers will guide you through the process of selecting software. Download our guides for best practices on finding solutions. Learn how to streamline the software evaluation process, and find best-match technology solutions, quickly. Click here for the full selection.

Our Story

In the making all of these changes, we’ve looked back on our evolution as a company and reflected on our brand story, updating it so we can authentically present to you who we are and why we do what we do. Click here to learn more about how Olive came to be!

Digital Transformation, Evaluations, Software Selection

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