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Automate vendor selection and enhance efficiency with Olive's AI powered IT sourcing platform.

The Unbiased Advantage of Olive for IT Consultants

Software for consultants plays a crucial role in making unbiased, informed decisions, which is critical to ensuring client satisfaction and project success. Olive is built on the principles of transparency and objectivity, providing a platform where vendors earn their rankings through merit, not monetary influence.

For Consultants

  • Enhanced Credibility

Demonstrate your commitment to impartiality by using a platform that eliminates vendor bias. This reinforces your reputation as a trusted advisor.


  • Informed Recommendations

Provide your clients with software solutions based on comprehensive, unbiased data, ensuring that your recommendations are solely in their best interest.


  • Streamlined Processes

Save time by leveraging Olive’s AI-driven sourcing to quickly identify and evaluate the best-fit solutions, free from external pressures.

For Clients

  • Trustworthy Decisions

Clients can trust that the software solutions recommended by their consultants are chosen based on merit, leading to better project outcomes and satisfaction.


  • Transparency

Maintain full visibility into the evaluation and selection process, fostering a transparent relationship between consultants and clients.


  • Optimized Investments

Ensure that technology investments align perfectly with business needs, as accurate data and comprehensive analysis drive decisions.

IntrapriseTechKnowlogies Simplifies Software Selection with Olive

Watch how Olive’s software for consultants helped this leading IT consulting firm streamline their processes and achieve better results.

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Automate Your Consulting Process and Unlock the Benefits

Unlock the full potential of automation in your consulting business with our actionable whitepaper. Learn how to leverage automation effectively to drive growth, expand market reach, and streamline operations. With practical insights and step-by-step guidance, this guide empowers you to set up your consultancy for success in the automated era.

How to automate your consulting process

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Powerful AI features for Consultants

Ensure precise software recommendations with Olive’s advanced AI algorithms. Olive’s platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of IT consultants, providing a suite of tools to streamline your consulting tasks and deliver superior results.

Data Analytics

Gain insights with powerful analytics and reporting features

Client Management

Maintain strong client relationships with our integrated CRM tools


Tailor the platform to your specific consulting needs with flexible and customizable features

Automate IT Sourcing and Vendor Selection

Leverage AI-driven features to identify the best software solutions for your clients, ensuring accurate and efficient recommendations.

Project Collaboration

Enhance stakeholder collaboration with integrated communication and project management features, facilitating seamless teamwork and execution.


Easily scale your consulting services with a platform that grows with your needs, accommodating increasing project demands and client requirements.



IT Consulting Project Management

Olive empowers IT consultants with robust project management tools, ensuring seamless handling of multiple projects. Save time and reduce manual work with our automated sourcing and management tools. From planning to execution, manage large-scale IT transformation projects with ease.

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