Redefining Software Sourcing and RFx Operations

At the forefront of IT decision-making, Olive centralizes and optimizes RFx activities, fostering seamless collaboration among IT, Procurement, Sourcing, Finance, and other stakeholders.

Experience a new era where teams collaborate to gather insights, evaluate vendor responses, compare options, and unite in a harmonious digital workspace. Welcome to a smarter way of software sourcing and RFx creation.

RFx (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs) Process and Needs Discovery

Olive brings automation to the process and needs discovery for software selection. Project managers can discover, research, and capture organizational needs and identify and collaborate with the stakeholders and end-users to refine and prioritize the detailed requirements that will meet those needs.

Requirements Gathering

Build out requirements templates based on your expertise, or use our requirement libraries and Standard Templates. Olive surveys allow you to discover additional requirements. If you don’t know where to start, Olive’s AI capabilities provide suggestions you can modify to meet your specific needs.

Create and Reuse Master Company Requirements

Create organizational Master Company Requirements (For example, Security, Procurement, vendor DEI policies, etc.) that would be standard for any software sourcing projects you have with recurring needs.

For new RFPs, you can pull these Master Company Requirements into that project. Your organization can consistantly evaluate existing solutions against these requirements to understand which solutions need to be replaced and when.

Analyze and Retain Vendor Responses

Olive allows stakeholders to review vendor responses for each requirement and then score those responses based on how well they will meet their needs. All stakeholder scores are automatically analyzed and aggregated to provide overall solution scores that drill down to the individual requirement level.  

Refine and Prioritize Needs in Collaboration with Stakeholders

Olive’s AI-powered approach is based on the idea that organizations can apply requirements discovery and management to sourcing, procuring, building, and managing solutions. 

Olive’s AI-powered RFx platform allows stakeholders to easily discover, refine, and prioritize detailed requirements to meet their needs. Surveys make it easy to collaborate with stakeholders across the business to ensure all requirements are discovered, collected, and rated based on company-wide needs. In-app messaging eliminates time-consuming meetings and emails, allowing stakeholders to collaborate on and refine individual requirements directly within Olive.

Collaboration is easy with Olive

Communicate and Collaborate with Vendors in Real Time During the RFP Process

See the pros, cons, and differentiators of the solution(s) in real time. 

Olive’s AI-powered RFx platform allows for early vendor engagement, even before all needs or requirements may be specified, refined, or known. Key departments and stakeholders can collaborate to refine and rank their requirements. Then, anonymously invite leading vendors to respond to the requirements as they develop.

The vendor comparison matrix scores vendors against your organization’s needs, allowing best-fit vendors to surface.

Olive’s process encourages vendors to respond faster to your requirements and disqualify them faster, enabling greater efficiency in collaboration.

Collaboration is easy on Olive

Shortlisting Vendors

Olive’s AI-powered platform automatically highlights best-fit vendors and disqualifies those that do not meet the needs of the business.

This reduces the software sourcing process by weeks, if not months.

Focused Demos

Stakeholders can flag specific short-listed vendor features and functionality that they would like to see demoed, allowing hyper-focused demos tailored to specific vendor solutions and how they can meet organizational needs. Buyers get exactly the information they need.

Once vendor demos are complete, stakeholders can verify requirements and vet them against the vendor’s capabilities.

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive

Intelligent Decision Making

Use Olive to monitor how well your digital assets continue to meet your business needs continuously. Our process guarantees that your organization continuously collaborates to select the best solutions for the needs of the business, with consolidated information that you can use to justify your decision with the executive team. 

Proof of Due Diligence

Once a vendor or solution has been selected, Olive’s reporting provides proof of due diligence by time-stamping all stakeholder and vendor engagement.

This includes all organizational needs and how they were identified, what solution best meets those needs and why, how the selected solution will fulfill them, and why that solution is the best fit. Olive’s AI-powered platform also continuously monitors the selected vendor solution, ensuring that the chosen solutions meet the organization’s needs.

Side by side ERP Comparison in Olive for replacing legacy erp systems

Streamline Your RFx Process with Olive

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Continuous Software Sourcing and Technology Lifecycle Management

Embrace Continuous Improvement for Your Business Growth.

Olive Digital Transformation Lifecycle Management a diagram of olive's approach to digital transformation. Identify, plan, do, monitor, assess, repeat.

Digital Transformation Lifecycle Management

Digital transformation is a continuous process that requires a long-term vision and commitment to change. It is an ongoing journey that involves adapting to new technologies, reimagining business processes, and empowering employees with new skills and tools.

Olive can act as your organization’s AI-Powered Digital Transformation Coach and guide your organization through continuous improvement of digital initiatives that drive change.

We want to help your organization continuously improve digitally by identifying any overlap in company-wide opportunities or projects that will solve long-term goals for the organization.

The project stages dashboard lets you input all the digital initiatives you plan to implement over the next few years. This provides visibility to the organization’s Digital Journey and allows the organization to discover overlapping, intertwined, or complementary opportunities and solve recurring challenges.

Continuous Discovery and Understanding of Organizational Goals

Proactively and Constantly Manage Technology Needs, Compare Vendors, and Find Solutions.

Identifying all current, future, and potential needs builds a deep understanding of the organization’s overarching digital transformation goals. Olive’s AI-powered surveys facilitate a seamless collaboration process, helping continuously capture and catalog feedback from key organizational stakeholders. This continuous discovery sets the business up for more successful digital outcomes and keeps all evaluations and decisions aligned with organizational goals.

Olive is more innovative, collaborative, and accurate than traditional methods like RFI/RFQ or RFP for technology or waterfall technology evaluation processes.