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Decisions, Revisions, Decisions

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A Poem About the Painful Process of Software Selection
By Chris Heard

Why? Why won’t they use it?

This new purchase from packard Hewlett

A decision process as lengthy as a climb to Everest summit

Only to find, no budget

Beauty is in the eye of the stakeholder

And yet they know not what they seek,

Or what they speak, or which technique

To maximize return for shareholders


Meeting, email, email, meeting

Gather requirements, vendor greeting

The process ever repeating

No true project near to completing


December, a decision now two years past

Implementation continues, ROI a faded memory

Decision maker steadfast,

This choice was right for us, just look at the forecast!


Perhaps, perhaps, scream the teams

A vote for change should be cast

We use Skype, we use slack

It’s Microsoft teams, a dev shouts from the back


And so the cycle begins anew

Marketing, sales, we need meetings with you

Removing you from your daily tasks

IT demands, more stakeholder interviews


But how else can we decide,

With which vendor our data resides

How can we be fast and thorough,

And ensure success at Go live


And what of the vendor? A hamster on an endless wheel

A noble soul at the behest of two conflicting rulers

The customer, the boss each pulling, each demanding

Give me a deal, give me a deal


But boss, the leads, they aren’t qualified

Customer your needs not yet defined

I know not what each requires and yet I

Alone, I must answers provide


What do they want these buyers?

The finance, the IT,

Different functions, different geographies

How to decipher if we are the right supplier


If only we could know what cures their ills

What is it that give finance leaders thrills

Of what do they care in healthcare?

If only there was a way their needs they would share


Well my enraptured guests, here we stand

On the precipice of something grand

An idea, a vision, a new dreamland

Where supply meets on equal foot with demand


Olive is her name, and she will change our world

She comes to show you what you truly need

With thought, process and speed

Delivering value, instantly unfurled


December, a decision now two years past

Has delivered all it promised and at last

A partnership we could only dream of

Of vendor and buyer, connected by Olive


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