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8 Benefits Of Automated Requirements Management

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The 8 Benefits Of Automated Requirements Management for Technology Vendor Selection.

Using automated requirements management software to manage requirements is a sure way to save time, increase productivity, improve collaboration, alignment, organizational buy-in, and more. Let’s take a look at how a robust requirement management tool can elevate your technology selection project to new heights.

1. Save Time by Automating Requirements Management

Finding the right software via the traditional route is a long and arduous process. Instead of trawling through endless spreadsheets, use a collaborative requirements management tool, such as Olive, to improve and shorten your process – so you and your team can work on the things that matter.

2. Increase Productivity, Free Up Time to Focus on Strategy

Using multiple excel spreadsheets to gather requirements, rank them in meetings, and manage the entire requirements management process across endless PM tools is highly unproductive. Increase your team’s productivity and output with a collaborative requirements gathering tool.

3. Increase Collaboration and Alignment

Having access to libraries of requirements reduces omission risk or misinterpretation from vendors. Having one centralized platform to collaborate on requirements ensures that everyone is aligned and communication is streamlined.

4. Document Everything

Documenting everything is an important and often overlooked component in requirements management. Collaborative requirements management tools allow you to document everything in one easy-to-use, streamlined place.

5. Less Ambiguity

Collaborative requirements management tools effectively keep requirements clear and to the point, eliminating ambiguity throughout the process.

6. Increased Due Diligence

Skipping over due diligence and going straight to only evaluating a few recommended solutions never ends well. Olive’s productivity platform helps shorten the software selection process without sacrificing due diligence.

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7. Reduce Decision Risk

Failure to invest the time and diligence required in collaborating with your stakeholders to determine business needs can lead to choosing the wrong solution, low user adoption rates, the software costing much more than planned, or the solution becoming a piece of shelf-ware. Reduce your decision risk by investing in software that is efficient and free of bias, automating the process of finding your best-fit technology solution.

8. Find the Best Solution for the Business Needs

With detailed reporting available on how all potential solutions meet business needs, the right requirements management technology can help you find the best solution for your specific business needs.

Streamline and Automate Requirements Management

Implementing the right requirements management software, can easily streamline and automate your process. For example, Olive automates requirements traceability and comes with repeatable project templates, allowing you to preload with initial discovery questions, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and surveys.

Are Requirements Management Tools Worth the Investment?

Undoubtedly, requirements tools save you countless time, energy, and resources. In short: effective requirements management is key to digital transformation success.

With Olive, you can gather, rank, and satisfy your requirements through a streamlined platform which greatly shortens the process. Indeed Olive helps you to reduce the margin for error so that your implementation goes exactly as you had visualized in the very beginning, keeping all stakeholders and clients aligned.

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