Consolidate and Share Your Evaluation Data

Generate and Share Reports to Keep Executive Sponsors Informed of RFx Progress and Decisions

Gain Alignment by Sharing the ‘Why’. This shareable report contains the Project’s Executive Summary. Download this to share within your organization at any point in the process. You can customize and filter this report to include or exclude certain information. Share with key business units to show due diligence.

Faster technology evaluations

Accelerate Time to Decision 

Selecting software with a team is not easy. Olive accelerates the process of collaborative vendor selection. Collaborate on requirements, compare vendors and find solutions that meet business needs and drive digital transformation.

Manage requirements illustration

Create and Reuse Master Company Requirements

Enterprises can create Master Company Requirements (For example, Security, Procurement) that would be standard for any in-house solution evaluation. Pull these Master Company Requirements into new digital transformation projects. Olive ensures that any work you do and all the information you collect from stakeholders and vendors is reusable. 

Faster technology evaluations

Increase Efficiency with an Agile Evaluation Process

Olive allows you to iterate on your evaluation process – start by sending out  ‘must have’ requirements as a ‘pre-validation’ process for prospective vendors. Add or update requirements as new information comes in from vendors and stakeholders. This ensures neither you nor the vendor are wasting time.

Manage requirements illustration

Traditional RFP vs. Olive

With a typical RFP, RFI, or RFQ process, you send out a spreadsheet or document to a few vendors and hope for responses. With Olive, you can invite as many vendors as you want directly into the project. As they respond to your requirements and answer questions, you see the results and how well they score against your requirements and needs in real-time.

The New Standard in Enterprise Software Selection

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