Compare ERP Systems to company needs in Olive

Replacing Legacy ERP Systems?

Compare ERP Systems to Your Business Needs in Olive

Find the best Enterprise Resource Planning solution for your organization’s unique business needs in Olive. Simplify your ERP selection with data-driven side by side comparisons.

Streamline enterprise technology decision-making, with Olive

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Side by side ERP Comparison in Olive for replacing legacy erp systems
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Use Olive to Streamline Your ERP Evaluation

Olive allows you to view the problem of ERP selection from an organizational business perspective. Multiple departmental needs are easily captured and ranked accordingly, and the solutions recommended are accurate and free of bias.

  • Access ERP requirements templates
  • Access ERP project templates
  • Create and deploy surveys for gathering and ranking requirements
  • See at a glance how vendors meet your business requirements
  • Find the best ERP for your business needs

ERP Project Template (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Kick-off your organization’s ERP evaluation with Olive’s pre-created project template. Project pre-loaded with;

  • Discovery Surveys
  • Standard Requirements
  • User Feedback
  • List of Vendors
  • Vendor Responses to Requirements
Collaboration is easy with Olive

Score ERP Vendors Based on Response to Requirements

Olive allows stakeholders to review vendor responses for each requirement and then score those responses based on how well it will meet their needs. All stakeholder responses are calculated automatically and presented as an overall score at the requirement, section, and solution level. 

Use existing requirements libraries in Olive

ERP Comparative Analysis

In Olive, ERP vendor scores are automatically calculated. Compare vendors side by side down to a specific requirements. Dynamic auto calculations mean the score continually updates as stakeholders score vendor’s responses. The ability to weigh different sections or departments gives additional flexibility in calculating  vendor scores. All of this allows for decisions based on data, not bias.