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Compare ERP Systems to Your Business Needs in Olive

Find the best Enterprise Resource Planning solution for your organization’s unique business needs in Olive. Simplify your ERP selection with data-driven side by side comparisons.

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3x Faster Time to ERP Vendor Decision

Olive users take less time to source, evaluate, and implement ERP solutions. Increased collaboration amongst key stakeholders reduces delays caused by miscommunication, outdated processes, conflicting priorities, and lack of alignment.

Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency with Olive’s ERP Project Templates

Kick-off your organization’s ERP evaluation with Olive’s pre-created project template. Project pre-loaded with;

  • Discovery Surveys
  • Standard Requirements
  • User Feedback
  • List of Vendors
  • Vendor Responses to Requirements
Collaboration is easy with Olive

Score ERP Vendors Based on Response to Requirements

Olive allows stakeholders to review vendor responses for each requirement and then score those responses based on how well it will meet their needs. All stakeholder responses are calculated automatically and presented as an overall score at the requirement, section, and solution level.