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Every technology evaluation should be driven by one singular goal – finding the best solution for your unique business needs. As the Olive team engages with more and more digital transformation leaders, we continuously hear the same story: companies are going to the big analyst sites, picking the top few solutions, then shoe-horning the one that seems to be the best fit. This is a clear contributor to failed transformation initiatives. IT leaders must let their needs drive which vendors are even allowed into the conversation, let alone purchased, and implemented.

Now, more than ever, businesses are feeling immense pressure to innovate, but they also have no desire or ability to spend. A recent study showed that 81% of IT leaders are feeling more pressure than they’ve ever felt amidst this current pandemic. Because so many IT initiatives are lengthy, and produce lacklustre results, there’s a misconception that technology evaluations are expensive, and require an abundance of  man-hours. Olive aims to squash those misconceptions, by showing enterprises that they can innovate quickly and efficiently, in spite of shrinking budgets, smaller teams, and stringent guidelines.

Olive operates under the ethos that enterprises should leave no stone unturned when it comes to selecting new technologies. Where typical evaluations see 3-5 vendors looked at over a 6-12 month period, Olive enables you to evaluate all possible vendors (50+) in 3-6 weeks. Before a vendor is told the name of your business, and invited to communicate with you, they must respond to your unique requirements, and be identified as a ‘best-fit,’ or shortlisted solution. Olive is giving the power back to the IT buyer.

But evaluating technology is my job. Are you trying to replace my job?

Not at all, but automation tools are the future! Used properly, they are deployed alongside existing teams and technologies, to affordably augment processes. Enterprises that are turning to automation are setting themselves up for success moving forward. The first users of Salesforce or Marketo weren’t replaced; rather, they excelled in their positions, and continue to do so today.

Allowing COVID-19 to freeze all digital transformation initiatives is a mistake. Innovation can’t stop in the face of temporary adversity. Olive ensures that your unique business needs are what’s driving the technology purchase decisions for your company, setting you up for long term success.

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