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Olive’s Guide to Buying Enterprise Software

Buying Enterprise Software? Our Guide Will Help You Navigate the Landscape Quickly and Objectively.

Searching for a new technology solution that meets your business needs can be a long and convoluted process. Making the wrong decision leads to disastrous results, such as low user adoption, high customization costs, and the scary build up of shelfware. It doesn’t help that countless vendors begin targeting you from a single Google search, introducing bias and working to convince you of their solution. It is important for software buyers to avoid online marketing pitches and misinformation in order to actually find the best solution. But where do you start?

At Olive, we understand the painful process, the time suck, the bias, and the risk involved in software selection. We created this guide to help you find your best fit technology solution. Our philosophy is, When Buying Software, Lead with your Business Needs. We hope this guide makes your job easier without compromising the result of your efforts.

The goal is to objectively navigate you through the technology evaluation process, step by step, providing checklists along the way. Think of it as the process that will help you select and adopt a world-class technology solution that drives the results you seek for your organization or institution, by removing bias from the process and leading with your business needs.

If you have a question or suggestion or want to use Olive to shorten and digitize the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How to Choose the Best Software Solution for Your Unique Business Needs

So much time, manpower, and complexity goes into selecting new technology. Solutions that are too complex are often costly and cause division between departments, and when a clear process for selecting the right software is not established, complex solutions result in even greater waste and drain on the P&L. Once the costly integrations, customizations, and onboarding are complete, low adoption rates from your teams will send the solution you chose straight to the shelf to collect dust.

Conversely, choosing a software solution that is too simple or straightforward may hold some of your best talent back from the great work they should achieve with the right solution. With today’s ever-expanding software market and more empowered salespeople, this is becoming tougher than ever, and finding the right solution is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Making the right choice should be a strategic investment. Investing time and due diligence into the process of choosing the right solution based on your organization’s needs delivers better results and higher returns. Skipping key steps in the buying process and making the wrong choice causes so much unnecessary clean up work to be done after the fact, not to mention costly fixes or bridges to band-aid problems that come up. Invest a little more time upfront and save your team an incredible amount of time after selection.

Key Topics Include

  • Mapping Out Your Needs, Goals, and Considerations
  • Defining and Ranking Your Requirements Collaboratively
  • Outlining Forward-Thinking Considerations
  • Navigating the Available Options without Bias
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