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What’s Included

Olive is the only Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform that gives your organization everything you need to collaborate on IT Decisions, from discovery to selection. One simple price, no hidden fees.

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Platform Features

With hundreds of features for enhancing discovery, optimizing requirements management, streamlining solution selection, and more, Olive stands as the most comprehensive Enterprise IT Decision Making platform.

Olive’s AI-powered platform guides you through essential discovery questions, pre-populating your project with tailored surveys, requirements, user stories, and solutions.
Invite stakeholders, ensure inclusive decision-making, and embark on a successful digital transformation journey.

Powerful features for managing multiple digital transformation projects. Start and manage projects, assign roles, build reports.

Identify your organization’s digital needs via stakeholder collaboration, discovery, AI and surveys.

Requirements Management features specific to enterprise software selection. Teams can collaborate to research, gather, capture, and rank requirements and reach consensus 4x faster.

Olive’s rich requirements libraries help to kickoff the requirements conversations, showing your stakeholders what to consider in an ideal solution. Add the most important ones to your project.

Use Olive’s project and requirement and section templates to create your organization’s digital transformation project templates. Reuse these templates to save time. Optimize and adjust them to your organization’s needs. Create and managing multiple digital transformation projects. Standard project templates include;

SOC (Security Operations Center)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
LMS (Learning Management System)
HCM Project Template (Human Capital Management)

and more.

Utilize Olive’s tools to collaborate and assess vendors for your company’s needs. Save time and rely on data-driven decisions. Evaluate as many vendors as needed, factor in weighted vendor scores based on stakeholder feedback, make objective selections aligned with your requirements and promptly create a shortlist of vendors to demo.

Evaluate vendor capabilities and consider in-house development collaboratively with key stakeholders using Olive’s assessment to ensure a strategic, data-driven choice for your company’s digital transformation.

  • Efficiently evaluate market solutions against your specific needs, leveraging weighted vendor scores from stakeholder feedback, making objective decisions based on your requirements, and creating a shortlist three times faster.

Olive’s Executive Reporting Features help your team and project leaders communicate the why behind the decision to all in the organization. Download executive reports to share with key business units and show due diligence in a consumable way.

Olive’s Executive Reporting Features help your team and project leaders communicate the why behind the decision to all in the organization. Download executive reports to share with key business units and show due diligence in a consumable way.

Create manage and deploy custom surveys for requirements, vendor, discovery or project feedback. Use surveys to gather and rank detailed requirements across multiple departments.

Olive can recommend and curate a personalized list of solutions tailored to your project’s unique requirements.

Additional Options

Olive offers additional enterprise features, services, and support to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

Tailor the Olive experience to your specific needs with a custom URL, your brand’s logos and colors throughout the application and personalized email templates.

Deliver Business Value Faster with Olive’s Professional Services.

  • Strategic Planning Services – Plan Out Your Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Vendor Engagement Services – Free Up Your Team to Focus on Activities That Deliver Business Value
  • Business Analysis – DedicatedTransformation Expert

*Price may vary depending on customer requirements, including but not restricted to: the number of users, complexity of process, and integration needs. Subscriptions are provided on an annual basis.

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Olive empowers organizations to achieve efficient cost management, reduce risk, and save valuable time and millions of dollars.

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“Instead of hiring 5 business analysts, I’m using Olive”

Chris Roughton Director of Operations at Ambri

80% Efficiency Increase

“I have seen a good requirements gathering process take anywhere from 2-3 months. With Olive, we completed it in 2 weeks. That’s an improvement of over 80%”

Mark Tucker, Director of HR Technology and HR Analytics, Kong Inc.

Reduce Risk, Save Time

“Olive streamlined our software selection process, reducing risk and saving time. It’s a game-changer for IT leaders.”

– Sean Thompson, IT Director at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

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