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Welcome to Olive, where software sourcing meets simplicity and innovation. Our Software Sourcing Platform helps empower organizations to streamline the sourcing journey and foster collaboration with vendors and stakeholders through digital RFPs.

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  • Create Your RFP: Dive into the world of streamlined software sourcing and set up your Request for Proposal.
  • Access Olive’s RFP Templates: Olive’s RFP templates help you kick off your RFP with thousands of requirements.
  • Add Requirements: Create a comprehensive RFP with requirements to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • Invite Collaborators: Invite relevant stakeholders to gather and rank requirements
  • Issue RFPs: Issue RFPs to vendors you are considering. Get their responses in the app.

Unlock Faster, Collaborative and Data-Driven RFP Process


  • Agile Collaborative Online RFP Process
    Beyond RFP creation, manage the entire vendor selection process in Olive.
  • Accelerate Decision-Making
    Olive transforms the RFP process, making it faster and more collaborative.
  • Data-Driven Due Diligence
    Ensure informed decisions with precise data, leading to the identification of the best-fit software every time.
  • Vendor-Friendly Approach
    We don’t charge vendors to participate, ensuring a comprehensive unbiased market comparison.
  • Unbiased Market Exploration
    Olive goes beyond top reports, ensuring your company’s needs are compared to all solutions in the market.

Maximizing RFx Efficiency and Cost Savings with Olive

Olive empowers organizations to save valuable time and millions of dollars.

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“Instead of hiring 5 more business analysts, I’m using Olive”

Chris Roughton Director of Operations at Ambri

80% Efficiency Increase

“I have seen a good requirements gathering process take anywhere from 2-3 months. With Olive, we completed it in 2 weeks. That’s an improvement of over 80%”

Mark Tucker, Director of HR Technology and HR Analytics, Kong Inc.

Reduce Risk, Save Time

“Olive streamlined our software selection process, reducing risk and saving time. It’s a game-changer for IT leaders.”

– Sean Thompson, IT Director at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers