Olive’s Guide to Leading Digital Transformation

Leading an agile software selection process that drives innovation. Digital transformation goes beyond investing in shiny new technology for your business operations. Real digital transformation is a well-thought-out process of identifying business needs and making informed decisions on acquiring the technology and skills that will solve those needs. Importantly, digital transformation should be an ongoing process of identifying developments and figuring how they might help your company improve product quality, customer service, communication, or any other operation.A cultural change needs to occur in any organization seeking lasting transformation. Leaders have to create an environment where learning is encouraged, failure is not punished, and genuine efforts are rewarded. People will want to experiment, innovate, and share new ideas.There should also be an overarching goal for seeking digital transformation. It could be something related to a mission statement but tangible enough for employees to have a grasp of it in their daily routines. For instance, the goal could be to use technology to provide the quickest and highest level of service possible to clients. A customer-centric approach to digital transformation is great because internal stakeholders can easily see how it will translate to business value.As a leader charged with leading a successful digital transformation, here are a few important things you’ll need to have in mind.